Airport seating_SJ909AB

airport seating-waiting chairs

Airport seating_SJ909AB

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Airport seating_SJ909AB:
Quasi configuration specification:
Arm, foot, support: the use of aluminum alloy material. Large casting mould, die-casting molding directly after polishing, electrostatic powder spraying.
The seat board: the use of cold rolled steel plate, rust treatment, electrostatic dusting.
Bottom beam: 50MM*50MM pipe, air conditioning outdoor paint spraying powder, can withstand the wind and rain and sunshine test.
Specification size:
One person position: 880mm*680mm*670mm
Two people: 880mm*680mm*1200mm
Three people: 880mm*680mm*1910mm
Four people: 880mm*680mm*2520mm

Produce Process:

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